Fiberall HID xenon kit installation instruction

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Fiberall HID xenon kit installation instruction


Special Statements

1, Some cars equipped with a vehicle-mounted automatic diagnosis system, for example, when you install the HID headlight, vehicle-mounted computer will tell you to “CHECKLAMP”, but it will not affect the normal operation. Please contact with vehicle repair station and ask for tuning, for this point, we won’t take responsibility for this.

2, Once you buy the HID xenon kit from Cyue-tech, you can own one year’s warranty period that we supply under the normal condition, however when appear the follow condition, we will clear of any responsibility :
a) The failure of products by man-made improper modification or during the installment process due to human factor.
b) The loss due to circumstances beyond human control.
c) A mistake resulting from the car failure by themselves.
d) A mistake will not caused by the product quality itself.
e) Open the ballasts of this product in personal or replace the wiring with others .
f) The loss due to the traffic accident.


1, Please wait the engine cool for a minute to install safely;

2, You must cut off the power before you install it;

3, Please make sure the car is in neutral before you install;

4, Please take care yourself ,the ballast can generate high voltage when it outputs;

5, Please don’t touch the HID bulbs in case of scald when you start-up the lamp bulbs’ power;

6, Please don’t light directly, in case of the eyes will be scalded;

7, Please far away from a substance that burns easily, look like paper, oil, thinner;

8, Please don’t adjust the long- lamp too high, or it will affect other people’s vision.

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