Stronger watt halogen bulb is not an ideal substitute of HID bulb

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As we know, the penetrability of halogen bulb is better than HID bulb but the brightness of HID lamp is better than halogen bulb, so some people propose to install a stronger watt halogen bulb but not HID bulb to get better brightness.


But it is not an ideal solution:

1, The use life of halogen bulb is much shorter than HID bulb, use life of halogen bulb is about 3000hrs, but the use life of HID lamp is 10 times.

2, The brightness will be weaken with time increasing due to the characteristic of the tungsten filament.

3, Stronger watt halogen bulb is also with high color temperature and high current and it also generates much heat so it is not safe for the lamp cover, wires and the bulb itself.


The possible consequences are:

Wires will be burned out;

Electrical problem;


Use life will be reduced.

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