X6 series CANBUS HID ballast

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After HID tuning, 85% vehicles meet problem like MIL and dashboard light is on without trouble, CANBUS is burnt out, HID can not be used as usual. In order to solve these problems, Cyue developed X6 series HID ballast.


As for Toyota,SUBARU,Buick,BESTURN,Lexus,MAGOTAN,Bora,Touran, all models are plug and play, there is no need to add neither decoder nor power hardness to Cyue X6-CANBUS HID ballast.


X6 HID ballast is more stable than the common ballast, it is with 4.5A start current, the steady current is 3.5A and it is suitable for 7~16V voltage, it means the HID xenon kit still work though the voltage is at 7V, the common HID ballast can not work at same voltage if it is a old vehicle, or only one side works, or can not work some time, the wide voltage range of X6 HID ballast will avoid these problems.


Meanwhile, its design is also attractive, no matter do you need CANBUS HID ballast or not, the design of X6 HID ballast is irresistible.


Now we offer X6-CANBUS-35W, X6-CANBUS-55W, X6-55 HID ballast and hope they will bring you more amazing experience.

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