FA-TYI01, Smartphone APP TPMS Bluetooth 4.0 Tire Pressure Monitor Internal Type


FA-TYI01, Smartphone APP TPMS Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Tire Pressure Monitoring System Internal Type

    FA-TYI01, Internal Type Auto BLE TPMS, Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Tire Pressure Monitor



    FA-TYI01 BLE TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is designed based on a new Bluetooth technology - Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy). Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) is with low cost, low power consumption, high stability and other characteristics, it’s suitable for tire pressure monitoring system. FA-TYI01 BLE TPMS is with design of the direct tire pressure monitoring system, that is, after installation of vehicle tires pressure and temperature sensors, tire pressure and temperature information will be sent to the Bluetooth 4.0 Android phone, iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth transmission and the APP software displays real-time data, which can be real-time monitor vehicle tire pressure and tire temperature situation.


    TPMS is mainly used for real-time monitoring of vehicle tire temperature and pressure, when the pressure and temperature exceeds or below the standard value range, the system will issue an alarm signal, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.


    Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technical Features:

    1, High efficiency discovery mechanism: low-power Bluetooth technology only 3 channels to do the broadcast channel, allowing milliseconds to quickly establish a connection, the efficiency is much higher than the traditional Bluetooth 32 channel mode.

    2, Less data channel and wide channel spacing: the traditional Bluetooth has 79 data channels, the channel spacing is 1MHz; low-power Bluetooth has 40 data channels, the channel spacing is 2MHz.

    3, Low operating current and ultra low sleep current: the traditional Bluetooth peak current is generally 35mA, sleep current is 0.01mA. While the low power consumption of the Bluetooth peak current is less than 15mA, sleep current is 0.004mA.

    4, Low-power Bluetooth with anti-interference ability, data transmission faster, more efficient, with the mobile phone / computer connection and other advantages, with unparalleled technology and market advantages, especially for close, small amount of data, Non-frequent operation of the application scenarios, such as medical, fitness monitors, wrist devices / watches, home appliances remote control, toys, mobile phones, computers and accessories, industrial automation, video games.


    Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) TPMS System Description:

    TPMS system uses direct temperature and pressure measurement system. The system is divided into two modules: Bluetooth 4.0 communication module and intelligent terminal. Bluetooth 4.0


    The communication module utilizes the temperature and pressure sensor in the tire and the Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver to send the data to the intelligent terminal. Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, the data signal wirelessly transmitted to the intelligent terminal, and displayed in the corresponding APP program interface. When the tire leaks, tire pressure is too high or too low, the temperature is too high and other abnormal circumstances, the phone will automatically alarm and display the tire status, so as to ensure the safety of driving the car. Monitoring effect is more accurate and reliable.


    Advantages of Installing TPMS System:

    1, Explosion-proof tire: real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, take preventive measures.

    2, Less Fuel: Keep the correct tire pressure and reduce fuel consumption.

    3, Less Wear: lack of pressure, will cause excessive wear (eating tires), shorten the tire life.

    4, Low cost: just a Bluetooth 4.0 equipped with intelligent display terminal and install the appropriate APP program, after the link, you can monitor the received data in real time, eliminating the need to buy the display terminal, and has a very good portable operation.


    Remote Sensing Module (Sensor):

    The Bluetooth 4.0 module is fixed in four tires and is responsible for data collection, data processing and transmission. The hardware structure includes pressure temperature sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 communication module, antenna and power supply equipment.


    Receiving Display:

    Through the Bluetooth 5 function equipped with iPod5, iPhone4S / 5 or iPad3 / mini, or other compatible device to master your car situation, even in the running, you can always monitor, show independent of each tire pressure, you only need to pick up your iPhone and then embedded with the Bluetooth 4.0 communication module tire pressure monitor, between the fingertips, through the intuitive interface design, you can easily feel the tire situation easily.


    Product Parameters of FA-TYI01 (Internal Type)

    Kernel: ARM M0

    Working voltage: 3V

    Operating current: 300μA

    Sleep current: ≤ 2.2μA

    Bluetooth operating frequency: 2.4GHz

    Bluetooth Transmit Power: 0dBm MAX

    Response time: ≤ 5s

    Display: APP way

    Waterproof rating: IP67

    Operating Humidity: 95% Max.

    Tire pressure detection range: 100-1300kPa

    Tire pressure detection accuracy: ± 10kPa

    Tread temperature detection accuracy: ± 3

    Operating temperature: -40  ~ +85  (built-in)

    Storage temperature: -45  ~ +125  (built-in)

    Battery capacity: 330mAh (built-in)

    Battery life: about 1200 days (built-in)

    Weight: 30g ± 1g (internal)


    Notes: We have two types BLE TPMS for vehicles, internal type and external type, and we also have BLE TPMS for motorbike, please select the right one according to your requirement.


    Please download APP via two-dimensional code or App store before using.


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