FA-TYI04, Internal Type Intelligent TPMS with Repeater,BLE Tire Pressure Monitor



    FA-TYI04, Internal Type Intelligent TPMS with Repeater, BLE Tire Pressure Monitoring System


    Product Characteristics:

    1, With imported DL original chip;

    2, App is connected with Bluetooth directly and monitors the 4 tires, abnormal alarm is given in time to ensure driving safety.

    3, The battery of sensor is from Maxell (Japan), it is with high and low temperature resistance as well as excellent stability;

    4, The sensor is with Germany chip.

    5, The sensor sends data to the App every 2 seconds, if there is abnormal alarm, the driver will know in time via the mobile phone so that possible accident can be avoided.

    6, Waterproof grade: IP67.


    Product Parameters:

    Bluetooth operating frequency: 2.4GHz

    Bluetooth Transmit Power: 0dBm Max.

    Tire pressure detection range: 100-1300kPa

    Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85

    Reaction time: ≤5s

    Battery: Maxell brand, working life 5~8 years, capacity 330mA

    Display: Mobile APP

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